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Private: Some Friends…

God! What the fuck is up with these jack asses.. Some fucking friends!

So last night after work I went over and hung out with Joel and Ryan till we left for the Boom. That was good times.

Got to the bar. I was already really drunk. But Dustin bought a round, so I had one. Then Lewis bought a round. So I had another. Ugh!

So we all get ready to leave. We were going to go to Harbor House for food. But for some reason we went back to Joels instead. We all get there, and I had to throw up, so I go in the bathroom…

Next thing I hear is Joel, Ryan and Dustin all fucking in the bedroom right outside the door!

Ummm… Excuse me!? I’m throwing up and they don’t even fucking care!

And WTF?!

I’m so pissed at all of them. Ryan finially came into the bathrroom to see how I was doing. That was about 3am. I got pissed, grabbed my shit and went out to my car. Ryan followed and we talked for a little bit. I told him that Joel fucked me the night he stayed over at Dustins. When I was passed out.

He didn’t seem to care, but he appologized. Ugh!

So I slept in my car for till 5am and then drove home really drunk. That was like the longest hour of my life! Just me and my thoughts of how fucking pissed off I was last night.

I really hope that Joel and Dustin don’t show up tonight to my party.

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