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It Snowed!!

So it’s been a while again since I last updated.. I’ve been really busy people. Get off my back! 😛

Last Tuesday I met with my boss, it’s for sure, I’m moving to Santa Monica apparently. This week I’ll be traveling with him up there Tuesday and Thursday to check things out, then next weekend I’ll be going up there apartment hunting. Anyone want to come with? This is all dependant on the news tomorrow though. Ugh!

Tuesday night I sat at home and watched Gilmore Girls. That’s like the only night anymore I really have to myself. It’s kinda nice.

Wed night I went out with Joel and Jon. Well we didn’t really go out, just went over to Joel’s place and had dinner and then hung out. Joel managed to get us all in his bed.. He says we had an orgy. I say we just laid there and watched American Idol. Either way it was fun. Straight boy txted me like 100 times that night and tried to get Joel and Jon to have an orgy with him. Haha. Then after I told him I went home, he said he could call someone else to have a threesome with. What striaght boy has a backup threesome boy?! Random. Either Way.

Thursday and Friday were pretty boring. Thursday night I stressed out and bought all the food for the trip, I hung out with someone too, but I can’t remember who? Oh well. They must not have been very fun.

Friday we left for the trip. The trip was lots of fun, but alas as always I get annoyed with people. Sometimes people just don’t get when to shut up. When the driver is stressing out because we made a wrong turn somewhere and we’re going up a VERY steep very holy dirty road, you don’t keep making jokes about stuff that just stresses the driver out more.

And I mean this road was HORRIBLE! Saturday was fun, had a HUGE bon fire Saturday night, and then…..


So yeah, that’s been my weekend. Pics will be posted sometime.

I started moving over my hosting to Horribly slow. So I’m going to sign up for somewhere else. Gah, why is this such a pain.

I have three dates this week, I really don’t know why either, since I’ll be leaving soon. #1 is good to talk too, but he’s a drama major or something like that. #2 seems to be the best of the lot and #3, well I dunno really. So well that covers three nights this week, hopefully Wed I can hang out with Joel and Jon again, Tuesday I’m having dinner with Andrew, Friday is some play with Robert and Andrew hopefully, if Robert can get the tickets. And Monday I think I’ll be having lunch with Ryan…

Does anyone else see an issue here? I think I have too much planned.

Adios y’all!

4 replies on “It Snowed!!”

Have you heard anything from the job interview in Chicago?

Sounds like you are keeping very busy.

“Joel managed to get us all in his bed.. He says we had an orgy. I say we just laid there and watched American Idol.”

funniest thing i’ve read today!

I have been keeping very busy and sadly sucking at this whole replying to comments thing…

And yes I have, I’m sure you’ve read about it already… And I think maybe replied? haha. God I’m so out of it!

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