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Only Prostitutes Have Two Glasses of Wine at Lunch

“Well then I’m open for business”

So, in the last 2 weeks or so I’ve been going on a downloading spree. I’ve downloaded the Discographies of “The Clash”, “The Street”, “T. Rex” and a few others.

I’ve always heard such good things about “The Clash” and I’ve just never got around to downloading anything by them before. So now I’ve got 173 songs by them, and well. Honestly, I haven’t found more then 2 songs that I’ve really enjoyed. I just don’t get why they are suppposed to be so great.

Someone suggested that I download “The Street”, and now I wish I remembered who, because I really don’t like them either. And lastly, I downloaded “T. Rex” because of the song. “Bang a Gong (Get It On)”. And that’s the only song so far of thiers that I’ve liked. I just find it strange that of the 7,346 song in my library, 4,101 of them are only rated at 1 star. Perhaps I should start deleting some.

Now that I’ve been moved into my office, I get to talk to the delivery people a lot more. There’s this one FedEx Lady, who is really wierd and creepy though. She’s short and has this really poofy hair and she always talks about the most random things. Kinda like this post, very random.

Tidy Cat sucks! My cats ran out of litter a week or so ago, so I went to Wal-Mart to get more, they didn’t have the stuff I usually get, so I got Tidy Cat litter… It really does NOT clump the way they claim it does and it stinks. Gross. I’ve been having to empty it every day lately.

I called to find out about insurance on the Audi A3 yesterday, it’s going to be $1,800 a year, more then twice what I’m paying now. I have a feeling it’s going to come down to my Cheap Gene when I do finially buy the car and I’ll just get something cheap.

Last night was good, even though I had a horrible headache. Went out with Jon, Joel and the Imaginary Ryan.. who’s not so imaginary. We all went down to Laguna to this place for food, it was so loud that I couldn’t hear anything, as most people know when I get into a place with lots of background noise, it’s very hard for me to hear. Plus there was this lady right behind me with an extremely annoying voice that just made my head hurt more. The food was good though. After that we went to Woody’s and had a few drinks. That part of the evening was much more entertaining, mostly because I could hear what the hell was going on.

“Bump another Baptist”

Work is going well. I’ve completed all the tutorials for the ETL tool and have actually started creating ETL tasks for the data. It’s kinda nice because I’m automating the dataflow between the clients and the database, thus cutting down on the amount of annoying work we have to do later. However, the automation part is very tricky, because I have to find all these sqlloader control files and try and decipher what’s going on in them. Not only do I have to do that, I also have to try and decipher what’s going on in these perl programs that currently handle the data movement between systems. Since I don’t know perl, that tends to be a difficutly.

I bookmarked this forever ago and have been meaning to share it: Cleaning Hunk. I’m sure most of you have already seen it, it’s been going around the internet pretty hard core. What a slut.

I get along without you very well,

Of course I do,

Except when soft rains fall

And drip from leaves, then I recall

The thrill of being sheltered in your arms.

Of course, I do,

But I get along without you very well.

I’ve forgotten you just like I should,

Of course I have,

Except to hear your name,

Or someone’s laugh that is the same,

But I’ve forgotten you just like I should.

What a guy, what a fool am I,

To think my breaking heart could kick the mood.

What’s in store? Should I phone once more?

No, it’s best that I stick to my tune.

I get along without you very well,

Of course I do,

Except perhaps in Spring,

But I should never think of Spring,

For that would surely break my heart in two.

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