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Green China

So… Last night was fun. I met up with Andrew about 5:30 and although his hair is much longer now then last time I saw him, it’s still the same old Andrew. We headed over to Green China and had a good long talk about all kinds of things and it was really nice.

Just sitting there chatting with him again. Just like old times. Went back to his place after and we sat around there talking. We both talked about what we wanted. I appologized for the drunken phone call. I was very upset when I found out everything that I had said.

As I’ve said before, I was VERY drunk when I called him that night, so I have no idea what I had said. Austin didn’t tell me shit about what I had said. Infact he flat out lied to me about what I had said to Andrew.

Either way, it was good to be hanging out with him again. Hopefully this will be a clean start to a friendship again. Left there about 9ish, got home and went straight to bed, I was so tired.

Though, I remember why I HATED driving up there all the time. Traffic is SO HORRIBLE on the 55.

I got a letter from my complex yesterday. I had thought that my lease was up in June, but apparently it’s up at the end of next month. They are raising my rent by $100 a month! Fuckers. I suppose it was coming since they haven’t raised it since I moved in, but still. And it’d be hard to find anywhere as nice at the same or cheaper price. Maybe I could find a roommate?! Anyone?

The last Audi dealer got back to me last night, he actually e-mailed! Good for him. So I’m going to e-mail him back and see where that goes.

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Are you sure you aren’t a lesbian? I thought they only kept there exes as friends? I know I am still stuck with mine.

Haha.. I’m pretty sure I’m not a lesbian! Box is gross!

But Andrew and I were such great friends before we dated.. I dunno. I think it’s just destiny to be friends.

i’m glad you guys had fun!

lol and where are you going to put a roommate? in that little storage cellar outside?!?!

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