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Going Well

Things over the last 2-3 weeks have really been looking up for me. I’m starting to feel much better about living here…

The hike yesterday was lots of fun although we didn’t get to the place that we originially wanted to go. That place had this waterfall apparently and whatever. We got really lost in this very hickish area of Orange County! Who knew that existed, but I felt right at home! haha. We ended up going down this very small one lane road that winded all up and over this area and found a nice little place to hike in Cleaveland (sp?) National Forest. It was fun, hot and my ass got a GREAT work out!

Got home from that about 4 and I took a nap. Woke up about 8 and called Robert, he too had just woken up so we both decided to shower and then meet up for dinner.

He got here a little after 9 and we headed up to H Marys where we met up with Patrick. Ate dinner and just hung out there talking and stuff. Robert gave the waiter his number and it was SO FUNNY, because the waiter came back to the table to ask which one of us was “Robert”. I’m really excited to see if he calls him or not. lol

There was also this really hot boy at the bar that they kept trying to get me to go talk too cause he was sitting there all alone, but I was too nervous. Patrick almost went and talked to him for me, but I wouldn’t let him.

We ended up leaving there about 12:30 and I came home and hung out for a while. Ended up going to bed about 3am.

Got up this morning at 11 and am doing laundry now. I have 8 loads! I really wish that I had a washer/dryer in my place instead of having to use the pay ones.

Anyways, like I said… Things have been going really good here in the last 2 weeks. I’ve met two really cool guys, who I hope I’ll contiune to hang out with.

Plus I’ve got a few other people who I’ve been hanging out with so that’s really looking up, I need to hang out with a few of them more though. I always suck at initializing “hangout” time, because I always feel like I’m interupting something.

IE, last night I wanted to hang out with Jon, but just felt stupid asking him.. Then once I did, he said he decided he was going to go down to SD, so I felt stupid after I asked him. 🙁

But then I’m supposed to be doing lunch with Perry on Monday, so hopefully that’ll go well and I can add him to the cool people I’ve met recently list.

My Scopes today are fairly amusing:

Daily: You are probably more alluring than you realize as you transmit vibes that can capture others in your nets of illusion. Like the wizards of old, you can simply think yourself taller, smarter or prettier and magically, that is how you are perceived. Use this gift wisely.

Romantic: This week’s New Moon in the warrior planet’s home sign of Aries can give your love life another shot of rocket fuel. You’re hot and there’s no reason to hide it, so get out and get the attention you deserve.

Very interesting… 🙂 Perhaps I should schedule a few dates for this week. haha. I have my eye on one person I’d like to ask, but I’m very nervous about that one. I have a lot of good ideas right now about potential date scenes.. Not the typical dinner/movie thing. But those are reserved for people who I’m actually NERVOUS about the date for. Because that’s a sign that I like them to start with and hope that something will happen.

Not like most of them where I know it’s going to be a bust before it even happens. lol.

Anyways, first 3 loads are ready to rotate…

au revoir.

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