My Life



Why do I obsess!

Make it stop.

Why why why!

I think that’s the thing I hate most about myself!

Going out tonight to a birthday party… Been invited to a birthday party for tomorrow. Possible date on Saturday night.

Going to see a play for sure Saturday. If Ausitn ditches, then it’s a date with someone else.

Ugh.. time to go now. Adios!

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The Sleeper

By Catherine Butterfield

A suburban housewife finds herself irresistibly drawn to her son’s tutor, a handsome young man whom she begins to suspect may be involved in some dangerous political activities. Determined to do the right thing, she sets off on a hair-raising mission to get to the bottom of it. By the author of Joined at the Head (Laguna Playhouse, 1997)

And no surprises here… Austin Ditched… At least I’ve got time to plan something else now.

How much need do you have for a personal assistant? And how much would you pay if you needed one? Seriously I’d work for the CA equivelent of what I am makin’ here!

But think of all the time you would save by havin’ me do your grocery shopping and making photo copies and other errands & such!!!

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