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It’s Over … Maybe?

Sooo… Long weekend. Lots to update about.

Friday at work was LONG LONG LONG. Nothing to do, I just wanted to fucking go home all day.

I finially got off and went home and took a nap because I didn’t sleep worth shit the night before. Austin called me at like 4:30, woke me up, and wanted to go to the movies. So I suggested the 7:40 showing so that way I would have time to eat and shower and wake up, etc.

But he wanted to go to the 5:30 showing, so I just jumped up got dressed real quick and went down there. Got there and wasn’t really in a talkative mood so we just went to the movie. Saw Date Movie. It was OK, but not all the best. They could have done it a lot better.

After that got out we went back to his place and talked and hung out and watched Beauty and the Beast. After the movie was over we laid in bed talking for a long time and it was really good. BTW, he got a job offer Friday, so we were talking about how that should go and what he wants to do.

It kinda upset me because he kept saying that he doesn’t want to learn more and he just wants an easy job. That’s really not what I’m looking for in a guy.

But still the talk was good, and I was happy. I was hoping that he would invite me to stay. But about 11:30 I said, “Well unless I’m staying, I should head home cause I’m going to fall a sleep” So I got up and left.

It always upsets me when he doesn’t want me to spend the night. I love sleeping with him, well I love sleeping with anyone. But still. He’s just so cozy to sleep with.

So I come home and went to bed.

Saturday I spent the morning doing laundry and cleaning, etc. Left here about 1 and went shopping for a few things. Austin met up with me here at my house about 4, he was really pissed off because he was supposed to pick up his brother to come shopping with us, but his brother disappeared and didn’t call Austin to tell him where he was at.

It’s VERY understandable that he was pissed, but he really took it out on me, which upset me a lot. And he keeps telling me to “Shut up” or “Be quiet”. I know he usually says it jokingly, but it still upsets me. :'(

So he got here and we went off to Ikea, shopped around and I found a bed frame that I really like, but it was $300, so I didn’t buy it. Also found some other stuff. Either way, we left there and came back to my area and got food. On the way back we got into this argument about going out. Again, he doesn’t like the fact that I’m not out going when we go out and he says it’s uncomfortable being out with me because we just sit there and watch people. I’m sorry, but that’s what I do, I enjoy going to the bar and hanging out. I DO NOT DANCE, etc. So we got into it at Panda Express and started yelling at each other. It was sad.

Came back to my house and he ate his food. Then we talked some and made up and decided to lay in bed and watch Mysterious Skin, he hated it. I still think it was a really good movie. Whatever.

After that we got into another argument about something else. I can’t even remember now, but it ended up with him leaving and me screamning. “GOOD BYE” out the door. Cause he wouldn’t acknoldege that I was saying anything to him. He came back and I laid in bed and he sat there talking to me. I’m not even sure how it happened, but we ended up deciding to go out anyways.

So I got up and got dressed and we went to H Marys. It was lots of fun, and we laughed and talked and stuff. I got REALLY drunk and drunk dialed Andrew, Oksy, Jenks and a few other people, but I can’t remember who right now. And I lost my phone somewhere, so I can’t look it up.

We did end up dancing, but he said he was getting pissed off with me dancing. I don’t fucking know why though.

Anyways, we came home and I threw up some. And I’m sure he’s pissed at me for that too. So we went to bed and I passed out as soon as we did. Woke up this morning and he jacked me off. Then he went home.

I feel asleep again and didn’t wake up till 2, layed in bed and watched Project Runway till 4, then got up showered and made dinner. Now I’m laying in bed writing this.

I think I’m over this whole thing with Austin. I can’t deal with his attitude any more. So unless he really changes once he starts his job, nothing’s gonna happen any more. I just can’t deal with the emotional ups and downs of his.

Adios yall.

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Haha, that’s very true…

I think there’s a couple possible things attributing to that though.

1) I’m jealous and annoyed because he won’t date me, thus causing arguments

2) He’s upset and annoyed because of the whole not working thing, thus he’s easily aggitated.

3) I think he likes me a lot, but doesn’t want to date me because of the reasons I’ve listed in other posts, so he gets upset and that causes fights

4) It’s just plain that we get in fights.

Who knows… But like I said, I’m done trying to get him to date me, I don’t want that any more… Just friends for real from now on… Unless things REALLY change once he starts his job.

How’s life on the other side of the pond going for ya?!

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