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Mysterious Skin

I watched the movie Mysterious Skin last night. It was really good. A little slow moving, but still really good. It amazes me how many movies Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a gay man, or a gay-identified person. Makes you wonder if he really is gay! lol.

Other then that I spent the night being pissed off at Austin. He just seems way too moody for me. He got pissed because of the friends only post that I wrote about him. I dunno what to do, should I really change what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years because of him, or should I just say, “learn to live with it”?

I’m thinking he’s too much work to deal with, he’s pulling on my emotions way too much. First one way then the other… And he’s a complete jackass when talking to him online. He’ll ask you for something and then get mad at you when you try and talk to him about it, IE this whole being mad last night, I had to drag it out of him. And he’s always just signing off / going away in the middle of converstations, etc.

It’s just that I’m so happy and have a really good time with him when we hang out, but any other time he just pisses me off.

I’m not sure if Blake is coming down today or not. Either way I really don’t want to see him, but if he does come down him and Austin will hang out… They hung out this past weekend… It makes me really jealous. Mostly because Blake lied about something to big, I just don’t see how Austin can still want to hang out with him. But then like he said, “I don’t have as much tied up in him as you do”.

If I find out that Austin acts at all with Blake the way he acts around me, I’d have to just stop talking to him, because clearly then he wouldn’t really be meaning the way he acts with me.

Blah, Boys! ! !

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