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Paula Abdul Ain’t Got Nothing On Me!

So the other day I went to the gym, and well… My arms HURT now so badly. It hurts just to even push on my chest.. I really should get back into that more. The other day at the docs though they said I was at 170, and that’s with my shoes and clothes/etc on. So who knows. But I should work out at the gym more and I’ve got to get back on the bike soon too!

Lets see, so yesterday at work I learned Perl and wrote a nice little program to do a bunch of stuff. It’s pretty cool.

I got off at 4 because I came in late and drove home. Traffic was HELLISH! I’m never doing that again. lol. Got home and lounged around some, and watched the mythtv stuff that I’ve been putting off forever. Saw a hilarious episode of Drawn Together. That finished just as Blake got there and I replayed him the funniesst part of it. Austin showed up a few minutes later and he drank his martini that I made him while we decided where to go for dinner for sure and just chatted some.

Decided that Hamburder Mary’s was the best bet, so we all went up there. It’s a really cool place. I’ll have to go back on a busier night though, as it was pretty dead. But the service was pretty good and we just all sat around and chatted. Came home and Blake and Austin both did magic tricks. haha. They we’re so cute. Blake left at 9″30 and I walked him out and said good bye. Just as last week, it was really good to see him again.

Austin stayed a while longer and we watched American Idol and talked. He left a little later cause I needed to go to bed.

Tonight I’m supposed to go out with Joel and his bf to coffee, hopefully that will go well. I’m really tired, so I don’t think that I will stay too longer though.


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I don’t watch American Idol because I dislike “reality TV” shows, but the morning show I listen to played the entire sound clip from that woman this morning. All I could think was.. “Wow… she’s living in her own little world…..”

Yeah, I hate reality TV too, and have never seen it before, but Austin loves it so I let him watch it.

That woman really was in her own little world! It was so crazy!

Haha, no actually I didn’t.. But that was funny (Now that I’ve gone and read it). But that quote was from this crazy bitch on American Idol. You should try and find the video or something. It’s hilarious. She goes crazy!

OMG its not like i’m a hardcore advocate for the American Idol show.. i just think its hilarious to see how weird people can be and watch them sing and express their ‘talents’.

Whathever, i like watch 8 hours of tv everyday, so its nothing special!

your loser friend,


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