BrokeBack Again

Yo yall, Brokeback opens in two theaters in DM on Friday!

But, I was listening to NPR yesterday and heard a story about Brokeback, apparently Heath is REALLY married to the woman who played his wife in Brokeback, and they are having a kid! Who knew?

But the funny part of this story is that when they were doing the movie, she wanted Heath and the other guy to make out so that she could get a good reaction when they were shooting the part with her on the deck catching them making out. Anyways, they started, and were doing a shitty job so she yelled at them to make it look real and stuff. (They had to shoot that one sceen 15 times I think he said)

It’s just funny that his WIFE was yelling at him to make out with another guy. haha.

First Five are very interesting to hear.

Brokeback was also voted the number one tear jerker movie this year.

And I’ve been getting lots of google hits for searches of this movie! Hello everyone. 🙂

In other news, I saw a referring site link from DS sites (http://…/, So HI David! 😛

Oh, and also has vanished!

I’m out to do work, adios.

4 thoughts on “BrokeBack Again”

  1. Sorry to say but I am probably not going to see this movie in the theatres. Not in one close/comfortable enough for my tastes. I will see it in video form though.

  2. Awww, not even now that it won 4 GG’s?!?!

    It was playing at Jordan Creek, isn’t that comfy and close enough? lol.

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