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Monday Monday…

This has been a really long day. Got up at 8:00am and went shopping with my mom and brother.. God I hate my brother.

And I thought my mother was going to KILL me with her driving! Gah!

But we went and she bought me a REALLY nice knife set, so that’s cool. I’m excited about that. We also went shopping for camping gear but didn’t find anything worth buying. I did check out the place an Ankeny and think I have found everything I need there, so I’m going to try and drag her there tomorrow to get the stuff I need. We were watching this cool show last night and they had some neat places to camp in Cali. I must check them out. Even if I have to go alone.

Speaking of, even though it’s a bit early, that is my new year resolution. To start doing more things, even if I have to do them alone. God damnit.

Anyways, after shopping I got home and got online and was able to talk to Blake. That made me really happy. We had been txting a bit earlier in the morning, but I was distracted by my mothers horrible driving and by her asking me questions constantly while trying to pick out knives. Anyways, it’s really good to talk to him. I miss him so much, it’s … Well.

After that I went up to Ames and met up with Oksy, we went out to Hickory Park, there were SO MANY people there, it was crazy! But we got in after about 25 minutes, which isn’t bad for them. I’ve known people who waited an hour or two to get in there. lol. The food was perfect as usual and the service sucked, as always. The hot boy from the summer was still working there, but we couldn’t catch his eye. 🙁 Oh well.

From there we went to the porn store cause Oksy wanted a vibrator, but she couldn’t find one she liked so we just went and bought a movie and watched that. Mr and Mrs Smith. It was fairly amusing.

That got over about 5:30 and Ginny called, I told her I would be leaving Ames soon and would call her when I left. So I left there about 6 and called her but no answer, so I just went to Ankeny for a bit to shop. She finially called me back and we decided to meet at JCTC, I got there and she called saying her car was broken and she’d be a bit late. So I went shopping on my own.

It’s nice to be back in the country of boys with meat.. Not that skinny ass shit they got out there in Cali… These boys got something to grab onto! haha.. Anyways, I was bored with the outfit that I had on so I went and bought a whole new one at Holister, Only $35! Woot. I’m a cheap ass bitch, we all know it.

She finially got there and we walked around a bit. didn’t really find anything else good and the mall was closing so we went and saw a movie, “The Family Stone”. It was pretty good.. I was crying towards the end, so sad. But it was very funny as well.

Tomorrow I’m going to be burning brush and then hopefully going out in the evening. Also Dad’s making chili!

Eww, the dog just slobbered all over me!

Oh, Jenks should be getting back into town tomorrow as well, So that’s excciting as well.

I really want to go back early and see Blake. :'(

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and you’re telling me i don’t read your blog! it’s pretty inaccurate, but it will not cease me from loving you. what will, however, is if you get drunk and pee in your bed.

fingers crossed for blake – get well, honey. I won’t have sex with Chris, i promise.

Are you saying i am a skinny Californian…i will show you skinny…i will not eat for a week or two and show you skinny. But i do recall you always grabbing onto my ass…haha so thats shos that there is smething for youto grab on to

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