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Christmas Number 1

Well, christmas number 1 is down. We’re driving back to PC from LX now.

But lets go back to yesterday! WE had a fun christmas party at the office before I left. JP got everyone some really nice gifts, it was just a grab bag sorta thing, but I got a T-shirt that says, “There’s no place like” It’s lots of fun, but WAY to big for me, I think I”ll ring up think-geek and see if I can exchange it since it’s still in the packaging. We also got a $100 gift cert to Best Buy, so that’s cool. I left right after that and went over to the airport.

Got on my flight and we left pretty much on time, so that was nice. It was a fine flight off to DTW, got there and we had to sit on the ground for 30 minutes, which meant that my next flight was supposed to be boarding by the time we got off that one. So I ran all the way over to my next flight and found out that it was delayed by 30 minutes. So we finally got on the flight and started to taxi, then they stopped and we sat there for like 10 minutes. Then they came on and said there was a “Slight” problem and that it’d only be 10 more minutes. AN HOUR later they come on and say, “Go ahead and use your cell phones, we’re not sure how long it’s going to be”. And then like 5 minutes later they finally come on and say, “Ok, only 10 more minutes” so then 20 minutes later we finally start to taxi again.

Come to find out this was all because of a fucking PAPER work issue! WHAT THE FUCK!

So get into DM an hour late, which wasn’t bad we really made up time on the flight. Got home about 11 and wrapped gifts and stuff. Then went to bed after having a few drinks with my mom.

Couldn’t sleep and stayed up to 1ish. Got up at 8am and dressed then went down and had breakfast with my dad. Then we left for G&G’s house. Got there and went out to GG’s for a while and talked to her. Came back to G&G’s house and drank a WHOLE bottle of pear wine. It was so yummy. (that’s a bottle between like 4 of us. lol) But it was yummy. It was bottled right there in Lenox! After that we ate dinner and it was yummy as usual.

Once we were done with that we all opened presents. I got some good stuff that I’ve been needing and also got the Star Wars I & II, so that’s exciting. 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention that I talked to Blake on the way down there through Txt messages. That was nice to do. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to talk about something with him a while ago… For the longest while he hasn’t been saying anything really about how what he feels for me and stuff when we talk, but the other day he actually said, “I love you” and it made me really happy…. Anyways, it was good to talk to him, I really wish eh could have come back with me. It would have been so much fun.

Though, I’m not sure where we’re going to put anyone else around the table. We’re all so territorial about where we sit at the table. Like this year I sat between Beak and Neil, because that’s the way it goes damnit! And neither Beak or I are going to give up our spots at the table. They’re a prime location! And then everyone else just HAS their place to sit at the table. Plus the table was pretty full as it was, and we were actually missing three normal people. I should make a diagram so that you can all see what I’m talking about. lol. (EDIT:// See diagram below, this year we were missing GG, Aunt (Bad) and Brother). But as you can see, we are pretty well packed in there.

I also had a dream last night about Blake and I… I was about to turn 30, I know that much because someone talked about the big day coming up…. But, we both had our pilots license, but for small jets. We had bought a learjet of our own, and had two boys (twins) that were like 2 years old. I’m not sure where we were living, but we owned a cabin up in the mountains in northern montana. Anyways, it was christmas time and we took one day and flew our jet to DM and picked up all my family and flew them to the cabin and then the next day flew down to cali and picked up all his family and flew them back to the cabin (It was a really big cabin, first floor was dining room, living room and kitchen, second floor was all master suite and the basement had 4 bedrooms). Anyways, we had this amazing christmas there. Just like the movies. lol.

My mom just screamed “Whoow” or something like that and that reminds me of something… Driving back from the airport, my mother is now one of those drivers that fucking piss me off so god damn much! GRRRR. She drove slow, didn’t get into her damn turning lanes till the last minute, drove down the middle of the fucking road, and she had her damn high beams on on the interstate!

Well that’s a long enough entry for now, goodnight all. And merry christmas to you!

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