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Ok, the following have been sitting on my desktop for like a week waiting to be posted, so here we go:

You’ve been ticketed:

Here’s what my projects feel like sometimes:

DM In the pretty pretty snow:

I’ve decided that when I get older, I want a log cabin in the Mountians of Montana. I want my partner and I to spend winters there, and have a nice big fire place and a ranch type thing. It’ll be so cool.

I really want to buy a house around here.. I’ve been talking to Jim and Deb and it just gets me wanting one. LIke we were talking about the house prices around here and the rent prices and it just pisses me off so much that I’ve thrown away basically $24,000 in the last two years I’ve been here because of Rent. If I had bought a place at least I’d have that invested into something. But it all depends on how much longer I want to be here.

I think that DS and BT might be reading my blog. After I bitched about BT the other day he was kinda bitchy to me at work the enxt day, and DS mentioned something about it being christmas here and my feeling left out. lol. Maybe it was just a coincidence. But it’s strange. I hear that SR has a blog too, but I’ve yet to find it. Someone here had his site linked, but it’s just a blank page. lol.

I also want to move my server to my house, but Cox blocks port 25 for incoming/outgoing mail. Anyone know how to get around this without paying for a mailforward?

There was a REALLY hot boy in the elevator just a bit ago. All dressed up in a suit and yummy! Rarr. He works on the 16th. 🙂 I think he was giving me eyes too.

Speaking of hot boys though. Blake comes tomorrow, and it’s for sure he’s coming down to the OC! So we’re going to hang out at my place and I’m going to cook! Yay!

I was bored this weekend, so I checked out the drugs that the vet gave my cat. Strangly enough they are both HUMAN drugs. One is used for treating Stomach cancer in humans and the other is used to stop the vomiting caused by the cancer drugs! How random?! Anyways, she’s out of drugs now, but she didn’t throw up this morning, so that’s good news. I’m getting really sad about having to keep her locked away in the bathroom all day, but I don’t want her throwing up on my good rug.

I washed my car this weekend too, it’s pretty now. 🙂

The below is probably the most frivolous rant ever…

The developers here are pigs. Every Friday we have dougnut day here in our 7th floor office. Every friday the developers come down before everyone in our office gets here and they take the majority of the doughnuts! Bastards. They have doughnuts on the 15th floor quite a bit as well, but we never go up there and steal them. Also, whenever we get good breakfast bars/etc on our floor they come down and take pretty much the whole box. Yet they still have thier own supply up on the 15th floor. I was just up there a few minutes ago and apparently last week they got one of those HUGE gift baskets with cheese and crackers and meat and I even saw caviar in there…. It came from the company we rent the office space from, yet no one from our office went up there and raided it! Bastards.

Not that I need to be pigging out on that shit anyways. lol

I’m out, adios.


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Pretty pretty snow my ass, it ain’t fun drivin’ home on the interstate goin’ 45 miles an hour.

In the last 5 days I have gotten 9 e-mails, all of them blackc2004 – LJ Comment…Reply to your comment…


I’m so lonely

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