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I want to runaway for the weekend… it’s a 4 day weekend and I’m going to spend it sitting on my ass in my apartment alone! How stupid is that shit. But now it’s too late to really plan for anything. I’ve been invited out to Las Vegas for the weekend, but I’m really not in the mood to go all the way out there.. I really just want to go camping. But I don’t have a tent and a few other essentials. I do have them on my wish list though. 🙂

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I feel like the only lasting friendship I’ve ever had is falling apart. I guess maybe I shouldn’t go on vacations with my friends… It seems bad things always happen once we return. I tried talking to blake about it, but he was already feeling like shit apparently. Jimmy said he looked like shit. But he didn’t have any comforting words, which made me feel even more like shit. I ended up not being able to take it and just went home at 11:30 and sat on my couch all night pouting.

This one guy who’s been trying to get me to hang out with him forever called me, but I declined… Again, he’s one of those people that for some reason thinks I’ll have sex with anyone, so he only calls me when he wants sex.. I honestly don’t know where people get that idea! I’m always very clear that I don’t do that shit… Maybe it’s the thought of the hunt or something. Anyways, he CLAIMED he just wanted to hang out, but I said no. And went to bed at 7:30. lol.

The company holiday party is coming up again.. Dec 19th. It’s on a monday night. I hate these things. They’re always so wierd and shit. Mainly I don’t feel comfortable about these things because it’s when everyone you work with pries into your personal life. IE, when they start asking about your girlfriend, because we know that EVERYONE is so fucking straight. Grrr, I hate that asumption! I wish there were someone I could take with me to these things. Last year I could have taken JonJon, but he just wasn’t presentable enough to a company event.. This year, I’d like for blake to come.. I’ve dropped a few hints here and there, but I’m sure he’s already got something going on, even though he’s not in school then…Plus it’d be a long ass drive for him just to go to a 3 or 4 hour party. Blake is very presentable and would work nicely as my pawn. haha.

In all, company parties should be banned.

I’ve packed up my bike for this afternoon, i’m going to go down to Laguna Beach and hit up the opposite end of the trail I usualy take. I’d like to be able to start there and then ride my bike to where I usually stop and then back to my car, but I fear that might be a bit too far for me. We’ll have to see.

I was driving home yesterday afternoon and the Sand Canyon exit was closed… Traffic was backed up for 3 fucking miles because this one exit was closed.. Comon people, it’s not rocket science to figure out that you just get off at the PREVIOUS or the NEXT exit! And it’s not like they didn’t have plenty of warning the damn thing was closed either! Fuckers.

Rent opened this morning… I’m going to try going tonight but it might be a little too busy.

I’ve done a few things over at my family website.. This is very much in the works, but as you can see, it’s fun!

Edit://My Scope today: “A playful competition with a friend may not feel so funny to you today. Normally, you can be easy-going about such things and can easily take a joke. But now you may be a bit more intense. As you focus your attention, you might be less flexible with others. Take time alone to create the peace and quiet you need.”

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Hey lets not get hasty in the banning of holiday parties for the work place. I went to our companies haloween party and it was great. Drunk young girls dancing like no other and asking me to join them. Yeah it was great. Oh and of course there was karaoke. Maybe your party just needs a little something to spice it up.


Because those are the only ones I’ve put in yet.. The beverages!

There’s only like 300 more pages! And that’s the last of the alcohol drinks!

Oh, I thought it was because you and/or you family are a bunch of lushes.

Not that there be anything wrong with that, some might consider me a lush

on occasion.

His Grandpa is a Lush. well we both sort of are…haha I am feeling sick, and Jack Daniels isnt helping, I guess i can try the Christian Brothers they might know what to do. oh yea Chris is a lush too, you should have seen him the night i spent the night at his house…well, i will let him tell you

Chris, do you have any relatives in Waterloo? When I was a kid and we lived in this house, a guy that lived next door to us his name was Jack Black, he was an older gentleman and he was gay. At least that’s what we thought, because he had two different guys living him for a couple of years(not at the same time).

Maybe instead of giving Blake hints, you need to ask him point blank about going with you.

Blake, stop spreading lies… I am not a lush! I only drink maybe once a month! You’re the lush, you drink when you get out of bed! lol. And you shouldn’t be drinking when you have the flu! You need a better personal nurse, like me.. I can dress up and you can hire me.. Then I’ll get to see you and your mom will be non-the-wiser! haha

Tom: I don’t think we do… I highly doubt it actually, but maybe beak can interject her 2 cents!

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