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A Night of Magic!

Well this will be my last entry before I head off to France! I’m so excited and yet so freaking scared all at the same time.

So Scared for two reasons, 1) Because I’m going to a country where there are Riots and curfews now and plus I don’t know a lick of the language! 2) I’m very scared about seeing the person I’m going with again. It will be the first time since May.

But overall it should be a great trip.

So let’s talk about the amazing time I had last night!

I only worked from 10-2, but it seemed like the day just WOULD NOT END! I was so excited to get up to HollyWood and see Blake.

So I left work at 2, and got up to Hollywood at 4. Which was 2 hours before we were supposed to meet, but anyone who knows me knows HOW MUCH I hate sitting in traffic. So I’d rather get there 2 hours early and be able to relax and read then be stressed and pissed about traffic and get there on time… Anyways, I sat around and ate and read my book and saw the Hollywood sign for the first time since I moved here… I wish it had been sunny. I took some pics and was going to post them but I forgot my memory card reader at home. 🙁 Blah

Anyways, 6 finally came and I went and stood by the entrance where we were meeting. Someone walked by that looked so much like Blake I was about ready to run up and grab him as he was walking past, but then he got close enough and I realized he was a little too fat. haha.

Blake finally showed up, and I wanted to grab him and give him a big bear hug and not let go. But he didn’t seem to enthused about such a thing so we just walked around for a bit and talked. The whole time I just wanted to grab his hand and hold it or put my arm around him and walk around and be cute…. But again, after the talk on Sunday I wasn’t sure if it would be ok. 🙁

So we hung out and then went and saw a movie at the Chinese Theater. $22 for fucking two! We were supposed to see Zorro, but Blake can’t count and somehow we went into Corpse Bride… Which I would have rather seen anyways. So we watched that! It was good, but the sound track wasn’t as good as Nightmare, so that was sad. Through out the whole movie he kept rubbing my arm with his finger and it made me so happy and put a huge smile on my face.. I just wanted to grab him and hold him some! But again.. I was scared too. 🙁

After that we went down to Rodeo (sp?) drive and saw Steven Spilbergs house and lots of other cool big houses. I so wish I was rich. So we drove around for a while and he showed me the area since I’ve never been there. Then we found a spot to part and talked for a while…

Oh, we also went to the magic castle, which was really pretty. I wish I were cool and could get a membership there. lol.

We went our own ways at 10 and I cried all the way home… I wish there were some way that we could hang out more.

And I guess his night wasn’t over though because he got arrested for beating someone with a bat! I’m just glad to hear he’s ok.

So that’s the end people, I’m off to France early tomorrow morning!


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You forgot to add that the guy was holding a knife to my throat, and i had to beat him with a bat. Stupid bastard. I had a wonderful night too. Until i stopped to go to the bathroom at the reststop. I am just glad they arent pressing any charges because i did it out of self defense, and they have video to prove it. Anyways have a blast in Paris, and eat a pastry for me.

I was leaving that for you to fill in. 😛

I hope you had as great a time as I did, I wish it could have been longer. 🙁

And I’ll eat more then one pastry for you!

So you like those rough and tough guys huh? Lol.

Did Blake do any damage to this scum bag?

Well anyway have a good trip and have fun!! And eat a pastry for me.

Way to go for Blake. Maybe the “scum bag” will get rabies from his beating him with a bat.LOL

Have fun in France and eat a pastry for me too.

Haha… I think blake can fill you in on what happened to the scum bag… I’m not really sure yet.

And with all these pastries, I”m going to get so fat!

They called me police called me last night, and they do not know if he is going to live or not, i havent heard anymore word than that. they told me he has a cerebrial hemorage (sp.). So now i have the guilt on my mind that i might have killed someone. So i may need some therapy, any good shrinks out there? Oh well enough about that talk to you guys later

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