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Count them… SEVEN!!!

So last night I decided to go to B&N and buy “The Confusion”. Anyways, while I was looking for it I came across “Don Quixote”. There were 7 fucking different publications of the book! SEVEN?!?! Who in thier right mind needs to stock 7 different versions of the same damn book!?

I called Andrew because I knew he’d at least semi care.. We ended up talking for like 40 minutes about random shit. His mother is so crazy!

Umm, not much else went on last night, or yesterday. I finially got Coldfusion working on Solaris. PAIN IN THE ASS! It’s still not set up the way it SHOULD be, but we finially just gave up and am doing it another way. We’re hopefully going to get some x86 boxes soon so that I can install Linux on it and get Coldfusion set up the way it SHOULD be. Plus the Solaris box is SO SLOW. I honestly don’t see why ANYONE buys these damn things.

More Riots in Paris. It’s not looking good now, because they are talking about curfews, and bringing in the military. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the other areas.

I was asked yesterady to re-write a project I’ve spent weeks writing in PHP. They wanted it done in Coldfusion now. I refused. I don’t see why they want MORE things written in Coldfusion either. The Coldfusion server is expenisve, slow and it’s all proprietary to Macromedia. I think it’s just stupid. I really need to spend more time working on it. But other projects that are just more interesting keep coming up. And now that it looks like I have time, the person in charge of it is out of town till Wed, and then I’m working a short day Wed, so we won’t get to talk about it for almost 2 weeks! I suppose I could go in and clean up some code and get it working on another box. Because that honestly needs to be done soon.

The RAZR is coming to Verizon on Nov 28th. I’m so excited for this! Time for a new phone! Woot! Sadly I don’t think I will have any money then. 🙁

And I think that’s it.. Adios yall!

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