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Happy National Coming Out Day! Be sure to tell someone today!

I got the WORST hair cut of my life today by some stupid fag with ugly ass hair himself.. I was SO tempted to just say. “I’ll wait for the next stylist” but poor me, I don’t do good at that shit.

It’s so ugly. I’m going somewhere else tomorrow to get my hair re-cut.


You know what would be really fucking sweet? A rock & roll marching band!

NP nearly did it with a few songs, but the director always made our guitarists calm it down. HomeComing was sweet though cause they rocked out at that. Haha, How I love our marching band back in the days. I wish I had tapes of all ths shit we did!

Adios yall!

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I only go to one person to cut my hair. She is great and it always is perfect when she is done with it. My hair grows so slowly that I only get it cut about once every three months. I am surprised she remembers what to do from one haircut to the next but she does.

My hair is so easy to cut that I just go to who ever is around and doesn’t have a wait. Usually I hit up super cuts or something and it’s always just fine. I’ve never had a person fuck up my hair in the like 4 years that I’ve been getting it cut in this same basic style.

He was just an idiot!

3 of my friends cut hair something kind of amazing! let me know if u want it done free. although u might have to suffer with the ugly cut for a few days. wait, then again, my friends cut hair weird like my hair styles. i dunno, let me know. MUAH! later stud.

I want to cut your hair for you…I cut my own hair. I will bring down my clippers and a #1 and go at it…then we can dye what is left magenta…hehe j/k

Ok, You can do it for me… How about we go with a #3 or 4 though and then dye it?

I’ve been wanting to color my hair!

And that way I can see you again. Damnit.

JonJon: I’m just going to hit up the creepy asian over there by Ralphs. They are cheap and he always gets it right.

God, you should go see this fag that was working at SuperClips though. He was so Ugly and stupid!

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