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Too Early!

I’ve been getting up WAY too early on the weekends!

Here it is 9:30 and I’ve already done 6 loads of laundry. Gone out and bought a weeks worth of groceries, done my dishes, been sad and been pretty pissed off. Once I’m done with this post, I’m going to go shower and shave (cause I haven’t shaved in FOREVER!), then make breakfast and then go out for a walk or maybe a bike ride.

Last night after work I went on a bike ride. It was pretty good. Though I only did about 10 miles in the hour that I was out, i did take a 20 minute break or so though. Anyways.

I put the following pic up on myspace, but was asked to take it down, so I figured I shouldn’t put it up here. But last night I was told that I can put it up here. So here goes:

That’s Blake and I on the weekend I went up to Sequoia. Aren’t we cute, eh?.. And yes, that is a COCK on his shirt! haha.

I had thought of a few other things I wanted to write about, but now I can’t remember. So..


Edit:// I remembered one thing i wanted to write about… I was watching one of those changing wife shows and there was this rich family. Three people, plus a maid and a nanny… They said they spent $1,000 a WEEK on food! I spend between $30-$50 a week on food! That’s crazyness… $4,000 a MONTH just on FOOD! That’s more then I bring home after taxes!!

8 replies on “Too Early!”

Thanks… I could have looked better. But I didn’t do my hair that day because I didn’t want the gel sitting in my hair for the whole weekend. But I think we look good together… We have a very close build, so that’s always nice.

Man he is cute! You are lucky that I am a lesbian…or am I? No just kidding but you two do look good together.

not that many people are trying to get into my pants so if Amanda wants to try she can…it is like getting into Fort Knoxx though…you are just being warned . And dont talk about my Cock like that. we do look nice together, even though you forced me to take the picture…hehe well enough rambling ttyl

I’m trying to get into your pants… So if she starts trying then that’ll be 1 too many, so she’ll have to stop! And It was a little easier then Fort Knoxx, because you were letting me walk right in… That is if I wanted too, but I didn’t!

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