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1 Billion!

Google announced a Blog Search yesterday.

One would think that starbucks to be the biggest seller of coffee in the US, but apparently it’s Dunkin’ Donuts, with over 1 Billion cups a year! Crazyness.

I’ve been wanting to call Andrew for the last few days, just to talk to him. But he was online the other day and I tried IMing him and he just ignored me. So I’m not really sure if I should or not.

Everyone at work is obsessed with World of Warcraft. They keep trying to get me to play, but I don’t think I really want too… I’ll just spend WAY too much time on it! lol

I’ve been working out kinda hard core lately. I’m going to get back down to 160! lol. I’m fairly sore right now. 🙁

Umm, off to work now I guess… I’m not really sure there’s much to do today though. Blah. I wish I could work from home!

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