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Won’t you…

Marry me?

I have a sudden wanting to get married and have children. Perhaps…

Anyways, last nights Gilmore girls episode.. Amazing! Best season premier ever! 😀

Damnit, I had thought of lots to talk about this morning, but now I’m pressed for time and can’t remember it all! Grrr.

Maybe I’ll update again later today with whatever it was I wanted to say.

Oh! I was reamed for not talking about blake in the last two posts.. So ha! Blake starts school today? I dunno! There you go.

I’m really glad that I brought my External HD into work because now I have better control over the music I’m listening too.. I’ve been arranging it and rating it better. 🙂

Adios all.

OH! I love winter/fall.. I just love bundling up and getting all cute with long sleeve shirts and jackets and the like! And stalking caps.. cause thne I don’t have to do my hair!

OH! And how come no one knows that “R” represents Thursday in “MTWRF”?

OH! ANd why is it that black socks are always so thin and not comforatable? I mean, I but all my white socks from RedWing… If you’ve ever worn RedWing socks you will know that they are very thick and very comfortable and they are designed to whisk moisture away from your foot (Granted they are about $25 for 6 pairs)… Sadly they don’t make a good pair of black socks (The color fades very quickly). Blah, it just annoys me!

OH! And it’s funny how there are SO MANY SUV’s and shit on Craigslist right now.. And other very bad gas mileage cars. haha. I did however see a nice 350Z conv on there for kinda cheap. I wish I could justify buying a car now. It’d be the pefect car… DVD Nav, Red with black leather int, bose sound, etc etc etc. ::drowls::

10 replies on “Won’t you…”

i am not mad about you not metioning me in your blog…where do you come up with these stories? i must be rubbing off on you a little. i guess i should have slept on the couch when i spent the night. School has finally started back up, i am excited because i am getting closer and closer to graduation…so i can run away from home…hehe ttyl babe

I come up with them because they are the truth! You practically beat me when I don’t mention you.. You hell and scream and I cry and cry and cry! And you just yell louder and louder. You’re so abusive! haha.

You don’t want to run away any more! You just want to move out. 😛

I love the Gilmore Girls and I have been watching the reruns on disney family I think it is called. Do you know what season they are on?

Yeah…I just know that full house is on right afterwards and that is when I jump in to the tub to get cleaned up for work. I am excited for the show though. I work nights so I can never actually watch the new seasons. You will have to keep me updated!

I’ll marry you and have your kids! Baby clock, remember? Tick tick tick tick… It’s kinda slowing down though.

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