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We’re all going to die, have a nice day!

So apparently there have been terrorist threats against LA for today! Whoopy.

Also Ebay buys Skpye. 🙁

I totally forgot that yesterday was 9/11 till this morning when I heard about it on the radio. And then I heard about the Crazy OC guy that’s putting out terrorist threats on LA. So yeah, kinda crazyness! I would’t mind if they were blown off the face of the planet. Just leave me alive enough so that I can get my shit and leave. Haha.

I feel that I could do pretty good in an event like that. That’s what BSA training is for, no? Plus I have lots of Powerbars and the like at home that I can take and live off of for a while. Either way, i’m sure nothing will come of it. I guess time will tell.

Had a really good long chat with Blake again yesterday… Infact we spent from about 11am till 6pm talking. Haha. Kinda creepy. He even gave me homework. lol.

And that’s my life!


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well if something happens i wil rush to your house…I am already living in toxic conditions here so if it was a chemical attack nothing would probably happen to me…Bakersfield is 3rd in worst air quality…anyways have fun today babe

I think I’d probably come to your house because it’s farther from LA then the OC is! Even if there is bad air there, it’d probably be safer then the OC.

Plus then we can get a flight from bakersfield to Iowa. haha


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