My Life

I’m Lonely

It’s nearly 7am and there’s no one in the office yet.. I’m lonely.

I had the most random dream last night.. People showed up in it that I haven’t seen since HS! And it was very sexual (No actual sex, just sexual under tones). Maybe I just need to jack off more. Haven’t done that in forever. lol.

I’m very hyper right now (6 shot Mocha, and a caffine pill).

I want to buy a mini, and a new car! Why can’t I get more money. I really want a second job so that I don’t feel bad about buying more things… I also wish I wasn’t such a stuck up savings nazi… If I didn’t save $1,700 a month. I could fucking buy everything I wanted.

ISU Alumni have some AWESOME group trips… I have to remember that when Andrew and I go to China. They have some REALLY COOL China trips. I like this one the best. Only $10,000 per person too!


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