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I’ve got an infection….

At the base of my tail bone.

It hurts like a mother fucker to sit down, or lay on my back or to do anything… It’s a pain!

This has happened before, 2 or 3 times… Sometimes it just goes away again on it’s own. Other times I’ve had to go to the doctor to get anti-biotics. The last time it happeend the doctor said they might have to do surgery to go in and find out why I keep getting an infection there. I mean, it’s just a chunk of fat, so it’s strange that it gets infected.

Ummm. My apartment is clean now, I even shampooed the carpets and I gave the cats a bath. However they are going to be confined to the bathroom till I get some anti-flea meds for them. I ordered some Frontline. They don’t seem to happy. But amazingly Tux was very good when bathing him. he didn’t fight at all… Moo on the other hand was a horrid bitch. Tux got treats, Moo didn’t.

I REALLY want to go to the fair today, but I’m SO TIRED. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I’ll probably go to bed early tonight, work tomorrow… I’m going out with Stephen tomorrow night and then the fair on Sunday.

I’m going with or with out people.

I’m very frustrated at a few things right now… The first one I’ll tell you about, the second, not.

First one is that I really want to be friends with Myke… I don’t know why, but I REALLY want to hang out with him. Grrr. it just annoys the hell out of me not knowing why he won’t talk to me!

Second… Well like i said, you don’t get to know.

There’s some REALLY fat woman that keeps walking past my window…

Later all.

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The only way I would wash our cat is the old toilet bowl wash. Ass soap, one cat, slam the lid and flush. Tao would go str8 into attack mode if I tried to wash her. Fortunately no fleas.

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