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WB Again!

OMG, I’m so tired! I’ve been up for over 29 hours now!

Last night I worked and I’m very proud of myself. I’ve taught myself stored procedures in PL/SQL overnight. 🙂 I’m nearly done writing a script for that. I just have to do one more small thing and that’s done. I might just finish it up tonight while I’m thinking about it.

Parents are here now, they got in last night. It feels good to have them here. Though I was kinda hoping to hang out with a few new friends that I made online this past week. It’s only 8 and they are both in bed though. I don’t think they would notice if I left for a few hours. lol.

Anyways, today after work we went up to the WB studios. It took two hours to go 50 miles! Crazyness. Anyways, this tour guide was like 100% better then the last one. And we actually got to go on the Gilmore Girls sound stage! How exciting is that! 😀 We got to tour the Gilmore Mansion. It was so fun. I wanted to sit on the couch and the dinner table, but he wouldn’t let me. 🙁

After that we came home (another 2 hours) and then went and had persian food for dinner. So yummy! Came home, sat around for about an hour and then they went to bed. lol.

Now I’m laying here with nothing to do. But I should go to sleep.

Laters all!

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