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Are you my Adam?

Ok, so I’ve been addicted to this new website which is about nothing but hookups… I’m not really looking for one, but it’s fun to get e-mails from these hot guys on there saying that I’m hot.. It makes me feel good. lol.

Anyways, not much going on with me. Weekend was good. spent most of it at home. Hung out with Edgar one day and went to the beach. But that’s about all that I’ve done.

This last month I’ve made it a point to keep every e-mail that I get… Just to see how much shit I get in one month… Here’s the counts:

Total (May 1-31):

3,827 Messages

Total which were important to me and actually got read:


So that means that over 3,000 messages in one month are JUNK! That’s insane!

And from Jan 1-May31 total important e-mail which was read and kept is:

4,406 e-mails… That’s a lot of fucking e-mail!

Anyways, laters all.

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