My Life


So this weekend has been pretty long.

I tried to bake on Sunday. Because I was really bored… But I was missing one ingredient from every recipie I tried. 🙁 I was so annoyed. But I didn’t want to go to the store again. So I just gave up.

Saturday I cleaned like a mad man. Crazy mad mad man! My house is spotless now, and it better stay that way for a while. Stupid cats.

Sunday I did all my laundry. 40 some pairs of underwear. 40 some shirts, and a ton of towels/jeans/shorts. Plus my bed sheets and the rugs. I spent nearly $20 on laundry!

Last night I also went up and saw Andrew. I was going to just drop off this DVD I had made for him of all the pictures and stuff that he lost. And then leave… I knew I’d cry a ton of we talked… But he made me come in… And the tears did come like crazy. It was really good to see him again. I wish he weren’t leaving.

Friday we’re going to the WB studios. I can’t write anymore beacuse I’ll cry.

Night all.

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