My Life

I Love Lucy

So there’s this new show on Mtv, which is really great. It’s even better then blind date, or elimidate, and so on and so forth….

It’s just great!

It’s call…. “NEXT”! It’s hilarious.

There’s one person looking for a date, and then 5 people on a bus. And if the person doesn’t like one of them, they say NEXT and then they get the next person on the bus… It’s GREAT!

There was this one REALLY hot bi boy on there last night and he had a PA, and ohh. He was SO HOT! Rarr.

I also watched this E! special about “I love lucy” It always sucks how sad her life was with Desi. That fucking cheating bitch. Grrr.

Well today’s my day off and I got my hair cut already and going to head to the beach later.

Ok. Well I’m going to head out. Laters all!

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