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So I found a job posting for my company on today….

Salary Range: 85-120K a year. Holy shit! If I had a few more years experience I’d totally be elligible for it too. 🙁 Blast

Nothing much going on here… I’m getting totally pissed about this whole camping trip though. Over the weekend I was about ready to just throw my hands up and say forget it all. I’m not going to get into it because everyone has already been bitching at each other more then enough. Lets just say I’m never camping with amateurs again.

Nothing much else has really been going on. Didn’t do shit all weekend.

Friday some straight boy tried to hook up with me.. It was great.

Saturday I went to bed at like 8pm.

I must start staying up later then that. My social life is dying… if not already dead.

Finished Disk two of Mary Tyler Moore. Only two more disks left. 🙁 I hope they come out with season two soon!

I want a raise.

I’ve been hearing more and more rumors about my being moved to days. It’s always funny that everyone else knows more about what I’m doing then I do. Blah!

Night all.

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