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Adopted Kids

Gah, ok so one of my co-workers adopeted these two kids… And Gah, he’s just annoying with them…

Well, ok. He’s annoying in general. He’s one of those people who takes 100 steps to do one thing… Thinks he knows everything, and that he’s always right. He has all these stories about how he owned a multi-million dollar business, and how he’s done HD for his whole life for a “big” printer company and blah blah blah. And sometims I just want to tell him to shut up.

I also get annoyed that we use so damn many windows machines around this office…. I wonder what the policy would be if I switched my desktop to linux.

I slept all day yesterday, and then got up for an hour and then fell asleep again. Got up at 11 and started work from home.

I’m still really tired… I may be sick or something.

Might be taking on a second job, it’s a dreamweaver position for a small company. Just a few hours a week, but it’d be nice to get some extra money in my pocket as always… I’m still waiting for that raise I was supposed to get at the begining of the year.

Anyways, night all.

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