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Fun Weekend.

Well this weekend was a lot of fun.

Friday I stayed home, even though I really wanted to go mini-golfing and the like. Maybe I’ll do that tuesday. Anyways, it was relaxing.

Saturday I spent the day home, doing laundry (6 loads!) and other random stuff. I played lots of simcity.. Trying to build up a region again… Sadly I lost my old region. 🙁 This one’s not going quite how I had it planned, so I might start over again.

Saturday night was a party at laurens, which was lots of fun. Spent some time just chilling with Nikki and Nichole in the bed room talking. We’ve got plans now to go camping March 31-April3, so if anyone else wants to go, let me know!!!

Speaking of going places, my PU’s are now off in Mexico for the week.. I guess they are going to go to Belize to visit one of thier friends… Sounds crazy to me.

Sunday I spelt in tell 3 and then got up and lounged around the house some more.

This was such an unproductive weekend and yet I don’t really feel all that bad about it. Though I do still have a lot of cleaning to do….

And I just realized I forgot to clean the litter box today. Blah!

Tonight at the gym though i got really pissed off at this state… The little 16 year olds with Sidekicks, and the brand new BMW, or M-B’s and shit… It really pisses me off… And the fact that they’re all so hot going to the gym every night and working out.. Gah! I hate it.

I really have to leave this state, but I’m so stuck here! I don’t want to leave my job.

I have updated my resume on monster, and it’s been getting lots of hits… Hopefully once I put my CCSP on there it’ll get even more, and maybe a job offer… Gah, wouldn’t that be nice..

It’s so annoying that I make so much, and yet here, I’m so poor… All because of housing costs… I’m really tempted to move out to the desert and commute in, but then it’d probably cost even more for the gas/car maint, so that’s probably not a good idea. Fuck this shit! $1,000 for a one bedroom is INSANE! Plus the cost ofutilities.

Fuck me in the ass.

Night all.

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