Well the party last night was TONS of fun.

I spent about $160 on drinks and food… Well, the food cost about $40 of that. lol. But I have a ton left over. And I found some stuff called 99 Bananas, which I had the first time I drank and really liked, so I bougt that as well.

We made drinks and that was fun. Though we tried this one called buttsex. Which had a high rating on this one website… Trust me, it tasted like butt. Don’t drink it!

We had a great time, and the last people who were sober enough to drive home left about 4.

Andrew really pissed me off last night too…. We had invited this boston girl who JonJon knew and I’ve met a few times, but she’s really shy so I thought it would be nice for her to have someone to talk to about Boston and such, you know.

So I invited BM over. Andrew got SOOOO PISSED about it and it just relaly fucking annoyed me. He was so childish about the whole thing, saying that I only invited BM to piss him off, and that Mike and I weren’t good enough friends to hang out without him.

But the whole point was that Mike and I know each other and I would say that we don’t have to be the best of friends to hang out. (IE, I had never met josh before last night) PLUS, the whole point of inviting him was so that the girl would have someone to talk to more.

Blah! I’m so over it all right now, he’s just pissing me off with everything he does lately.

Anyways, tonight we’re going to San Diego area to a casino. Should be fun. Though I’m not going to gamble cause I don’t really approve. But whatever.

Laters all.

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