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I failed…


674… When I needed 849.

Gah. I was so excited this morning too, I thought I knew it so well, I was so confident that I’d pass. Then I get in there and the guy running it was a complete jack ass to me and that just started the whole down hill start of it.

The first few questions were things I had no idea about. The test was much more…. Here’s a network, tell us what’s wrong. Rather then, here’s some information about something, is that right or wrong. Or How do you configure this or that.

And there was only one Simulation, when I was expecting a few more…. And of course I failed completely on that sim example. I got the first command right (I’m 99% sure) but then I forgot to issue the permit command to allow all other traffic, and then I couldn’t remember the command to apply it to the interface…..

Well, I did KNOW the command… I just forgot that there was an “ip” before it. Gah!

And on top of it all, I had a pen that wouldn’t write and the bastard REFUSED to give me a calculator to use… Which you absolutely need… You try figuring the 9th power of 2 in your head when you are all stressed out… It just doesn’t work.

And THEN the stupid proctor was talking on the phone the whole time and I could hear him and he was walking back and forth being very distractive.

So after like half the questions I just gave up and stated selecting answers as fast as I could. I didn’t care any more.

During the test I had asked for a new pen, because mine wasn’t work. And he refused to give me another one… Then when I asked if I could use a pencil and paper he refused that as well… And after the test he hands me this sheet of paper and says. “Read the highlighted part out loud”

Excuse me? I’m not in second grade.

It was the part in the contract saying you can ONLY use the supplied whiteboard and pen… YES, I KNOW THAT. But since MINE WASN”T WORKING And he REFUSED to give me something TO WRITE WITH, it was a very easy thing to just ASK for the stupid pen and paper. I was SO PISSED at him. Then he wouldn’t give me my results and when I asked for his name he refused to give me that as well.

So I called Cisco and told them all this and the woman that I talked to said that the treatement I got was horrible and that she was going to go talk to him right away (well actually call him, because the Cisco office for that is in New York and well, obviously I’m in CA)

So anyways, I was really pissed that I failed, and really pissed at that stupid guy. And now I’m scared to go back to that testing center because Of that one guy, cause if I have to deal with him again, it’ll be hell.

That’s my life. Someone shoot me.

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Evil, evil proctor. Why are people in authority such assholes? Sorry the test didn’t go well-second times the charm right?

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