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Become a diamond. LifeGem of Chicago, Illinois, the book reveals, will take a few grains of your cremated remains, subject them to high pressure and temperature, and you will emerge from the process, 18 weeks later, as a sparkling one-carat diamond.

Note: When I die, I want this! It’s going in my will.. Once I get around to writing one! Price ranges from $2,500 to $14,000.

Speaking of Gems…. There’s a bar in NY which now sells a $10,000 martini! It comes with a diamond at the bottom of it! Perhaps I can have my diamond at the bottom of someones martini when I die! roflol! Then it’d be like a $24,000 Martini! Cause of course I want the highest Carat size! is creating it’s own new P2P file sharing program which is very exciting. Problems recently with the suprnova site have prompted them to create it from, in the future all clients will become thier own tracker. Which is really cool. I can’t wait to try it out. Currently they have 5,000 beta testers. I signed up to be one, but got in too late. 🙁

Good news with the job. Jon said that starting Mid-Month I’m going to take over builds from Brian. Which is very fun and cool. This is the first step to moving into the Sys Admin posistions. He said after that they are going to train me on the basics of bringing IC up and down, so that if something happens over night I can do that, instead of having to wake the on-call Sys Admin. Then they’re going to put me in charge of the local cage, which houses our Exchange (GROSS!) mail server and our local webserver and a few other things.

He also said that once I’ve got my CCNP (4 more tests after the one I’m currently studying for), I can take either the Redhat Cert tests or the Solaris (mypick!) tests. Then I have to take a PIX Security test. This is all very exciting for me! Though I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy moving to daytime hours… I hope I get to keep my current hours for a while longer.

Use Google? Learn about what make google tick. Very interesting read.

I found a 15′ powerbook forsale online, it’s only $1500. And if I sell my powerbook for $1,000 I’d only have to pay $500, I really want to do it…Twice the HD space, it’s 50% faster, and it already has 2gigs of RAM. But I dunno if I should spend the $500 now. And plus I’d have to find someone to buy my laptop for $1000. Though I’m sure I can do it, I just saw a 550Mhz G4 powerbook sell for $800 online. So to sell a 1Ghz for $1,000 shouldn’t be too hard. Must thing about this more.

I found out today that Discover increased my limit by $800. Crazies.

Ok, well laters all.

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