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6:30AM — Down $1,000

Well, here it is 6:30 AM…

And I’ve already spent $1,000

I bought a TV, DVD player and surround sound system.

Excellent. Apparently they had 53 in stock when the store opened, and within 10 minutes all of the TVs were gone from the warehouse. So I have to wait 1-2 weeks to get mine. But hopefully it’ll be good.

Yesterday I spent lounging around. JonJon brought me food from his fam and that was nice of him. Spent the rest of the night lounging around watching TV. He went home early. and I feel alseep on the couch tell 12:30 when I got up and went to work.

Andrew and I got in a huge fight over this weekend.

Been here and work and haven’t really done much. I feel that there won’t be any phone calls. So I might break here in an hour.

I’ve decided what I’m going to get Nikki. Going to head out and get it this morning as well. Still need to figure out what to get Nichole.

I feel very welcomed into this group of people. I enjoy it. 🙂 First time I’ve ever had friend gift exchanges, exccept for the time when Andrew and I exchanged gifts, but that’s a differnt thing..

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How was it different? We had several occasions where we exchanged gifts before we were dating…

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