My Life


Price is right was great.

3 hot boys to stare at.

27 hours after I last woke up, I’m finally ready to go to bed.

A girl from Chapman won the showcase, worth 15,000.

Watch for me on Jan 18th. Black shirt, grey stocking cap.

IT was great. I wanna go back.

The studio is much smaller then I thought it would be.

My internet works, but my cable doesn. Very strange!

Laters all.

5 replies on “Price IS RIGHT!”

Remind us when you are on in January so we can set VCRs and try to see you. 🙂

My job title is Director of Middle Eastern Affairs. I work for a Washington DC think tank and oversee a lot of diplomatic and related activities in the Middle East and spend a lot of time involved in the peace process for State. I do a lot of talking and negotiating in an effort to bring some prospects for peace in the region. I am also involved in efforts to improve the quality of life and government in other nations in the region. A good bit of my time is spent trying to foster progress between Israel and the Palestinian/Arab nations. Part of it is relationship building.

Wow, that sounds way cool… I guess I never just asked, eh?

Sadly, my jon will never be as fun as yours sounds. Wish I got to travel as much as you, and do as fun/cool sounding things. 🙂


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