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Stupid Managers

So for the second time in as many days my manager has really pissed me off.

Yesterday he sent he a really derogetory e-mail about making sure I get certian information from callers when they call in. And it’s like, YES Mike, I KNOW THIS. And I DO GET THAT INFORMATION. I have dealt with these people MORE THEN ENOUGH TIMES to know how to do my job. It was just really annoying because it wasn’t in a form that you should be e-mailing me. And if he had READ the fucking ticket that I put in, he would have seen that I DID GET THAT INFORMATION. And plus, he should have spent that time READING THE 5 e-mails that were sitting there for him to read. Instead of wasting his time going through my tickets.

Then today I get in and he’s updated one of my tickets and taken it off the T3 group, and said.. “Probably should never been a T3. Certainly not now. Kathy does not have to enter notes, (Although good notes always come in handy). This should be PCA if you have called Kathy and reminded her about the notes. Or Open if you intend to call kathy about this. Or closed if you feel no further follow up action is requrired.”

OK, that just SHOWS that he hasn’t read all the coorspondence with this ticket because it MAKES NO SENSE. I asked the T3 group to re-open an HDL value so that Kathy could enter in a note explaining why it was marked invalid. That way when she gets reviewed she can easily explain why, without having to go digging for the information. Saying that I should call Kathy reminding her about the notes makes absolutely NO SENSE.

GAH! This fucking pisses me off… And on top of the fact that he was AGAIN WASTING HIS TIME going through my tickets. There are like 8 million fucking e-mails here which haven’t been read oor marked complete when they CLEARLY HAVE BEEN MARKED COMPLETE.



Laters all.

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