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OMG, People in this state have NO FUCKING idea how to drive! It’s been raining out for the last couple days now…

Tonight on my way into work, it was raining, pretty hard granted, but nothing too bad. And people were going 45 fucking MPH on the interstate! And therer were 10 accidents, 3 of them with Ambulences. Gah! People are so STUPID!

This weened has been pretty good, though Saturday it seemed no matter how had I tried to be nice, and do nice things for people all I got was pissed off and shit.

Umm, Friday I hung out with JonJon and people. I’m not really sure what all we did. I have to start writing these updates on the weekend, cause I always forget what I did on Friday by the time that Sunday night/Monday morning comes around.

Saturday I went out with Andrew all day, and we had a good time.

Saturday night we ended up spending sitting in front of Old Navy cause the people there didn’t get out of work tell really late.

Today we went out to foothil and had a great time. Ate lunch out there and got sick. And then went to this place called Re-Mart. It was totally WHITE TRASH horrible! It was worse then Wal-Mart! Everyone MUST go!

Now it’s work time and I’m tired and don’t want to be here…

Thank GOD it’s only a 4 day week!

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