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Google SMS

This is fucking Cool! Google SMS. I want to try it out now!

Umm, didn’t do much today. Sat at home nad hung out. Went to chapman and hung out.

Going to San Diego the weekend of Oct 23-24. If anyone wants to go. We got a hotel room for $45, and we’re always looking for ways to bring the cost down, so if anyone wants to go, it’ll be cheap. Taking my car, so should be able to get there and back on one tank of gas. Plus food, if we can get 4 people totaly to go, shouldn’t be more then $50. Plus sea world, and whatever else we all do there. Comon people!

I’ve taken some days off now though. Oct 22+25. And then Nov 29th I’ve got off so far. Then I have to find 3 more days between now and Jan 3rd to take off. Hm.

Next year I’ll have 4 extra days off. Yay! 🙂

Sadly, I’m wearing underwear today. But I found a new way to wear it….. Hike my undies up as high as they go (with a wedgie), and then pull my pants all the way down to the bottom of my boxers. It’s great! All I have to do now is hike my shirt up to the top of the boxers and it’ll be even funnier.

I had a really hot dream last night. Sex with this really fucking hot military boy. Rarr.

Well, anyways laters all.

Have fun!

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omg i would so come with… but i dont think that would bring the cost down.

im coming to san francisco in february!!!

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