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Bush’s Debate Notes

Bush’s Debate Notes HAHA! That’s hilarious!

Anyone know where I can get at torrent of the VP debates? I heard they were really good. I want to see now! Damnit!

Had a great day. Hung out and didn’t really do much. Got all dressed up cause was in a dressy mood, but then had to change down to go to to this fair thing, which was all ghetto like.

Lots of annoying shit at work. If I don’t get a promotion by next June. going to start looking for something else then.

Ty bought MORE furniture for our apartment, it’s ugly and there’s no room for it.

He also didn’t appologize for being so stupid about the calbe when I told him about it. Stupid fuck.

I’m not wearing underwear.

Laters all.

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I actually was going to say that if you’re not wearing underwear maybe you would model your birtday suit for us! Also a reminder that hot,hot sex is always in season and in style!

lol. I don’t think most people would want to see me in my b-day suit!… By the way, who are you? Sorry if I’ve just forgotten, I tend to forget people a lot. 🙂

In reference to comment #3- Me and I’m sure others as well!

If you can find my e-mail addy you can shhot me a note-

Otherwise I’ll just give your mind or memory something else to ponder.

I love playing with the minds of intelligent young guys like you.

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