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If you invest $0 now and $500 monthly at 6.00%, you’ll be a millionaire in 51 years at age 73.

To be a millionaire at age 45, you’ll need to:

Increase the amount you invest now to $301,474

, or

Increase your monthly investment to $2,187

, or

Achieve a rate of return of 20.44%.

When adjusted for inflation, $1 million in 51 years would be equivalent to $225,994 today.


Did I mention that I want to have 8 Million upon retirement.

Fucking phones won’t stop ringing. I want to go home.

2 replies on “Millions!!”

So why’d you pick 8 million? was this calculated or something? sorry to steal your dream but i’d like $8,000,001 when i retire…

Yes. I calculated it based on my ability to save currently. And it’s ok, you can have your 8,000,001 when you retire… I’m sure it’ll all be good.

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