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Scary Movies

Tonight I watched two scray movies while trying to do work. I’m learning wiki well. Which is fun. I really like it. Though the documentation for it sucks ass. IE, there is NO good documentation.

Umm, this afternoon I hung out with a large group of people and we all had a good time. 🙂 Starbucks for most of the night.

Also going through 5 test runs just to make a simple birthday card. That was fun.

JonJon cleaned our apartment today as well, which was way nice of him. 🙂

I must go grocery shopping sometime ASAP because I have NO food in the house. Blah!

Chris is trying to go carrots and tomatos on the porch. I dunno if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but the carrots are inn a pot with about 4″ of soil….

Yeah, ikt’s a mess.

I did get a call tonight though for work. So that was crazy. I’ll hvae to update Mike on it when I transfer the phones back to him in 15 minutes.

Laters all.

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wow.. wiki must be some serious shit if you’ve mentioned it in 3 straight posts. still no idea what it is though. =P

oh opps.. hehe forgot about the whole introduction thing. sooory. name’s philip.. saw you on myspace. anyway.. wiki looks pretty cool.. it’s even better cause of the great name. booya!

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