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Holiday Weekend… NOT!

So this is labor day weekend. Though, it’s really not for me.

Sucks. Oh well.

Umm, lots of hanging out this weekend. It was really good to just vege around the house and not really do much. Though as you all saw from the last post, Roomie pissed me off.

Lets see, Friday night I went to Chapman and went to the street fair with Andrew, lots of yummy boys… I mean food.

After that came home and chilled.

Saturday spent the day around Laguna doing nothing really Hung out with JonJon and we stayed at my house that night and watched movies… More QaF! We will eventually get all of that watched damnit!

Sunday I spent the day with Andrew and we hung at his place. Didn’t really do much. Tomorrow is going to be more of the same.

laters all.

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