Wierd Days

So I’ve been noticing that my days have been starting to get off… Like.

My day starts about 4pm. IE. When I wake up at 4pm today (Thursday), I’ll think of it as Friday. And it’ll be Friday through tell I go to bed at 8 or 9 am Friday, at which time, I’ll wake up and it’ll be Saturday magically. Strange I know, but that’s the way that I’ve been thinking lately.

Lets see, yesterday was an up and down day. Mostly down. I had a horrible night programming, cause I was working on this stupid problem that just didn’t seem to want to work right for me, so that was annoying as hell. And plus I was just feeling extra bad about things between Andrew and I. So yeah.

Then yesterday morning Andrew and I talked about something Kevin and him talked about and that hurt even more and just blah. It was bad.

Then I slept, that was good, but people were being loud so it wasn’t a very good/calming sleep.

Got up and then I was going to go to Wal-Mart cause I had a list of things to get for myself. Ended up stopping at Old Navy to buy a pair of shorts, but all they had that I thought were cute were camo ones that I really couldn’t wear that much. So I decided against those.

They did have this one really cute shirt that I wanted, but it was too big. They had some other REALLY cute collared/long sleeved shirts that I also want, but they were like $30. So I vetoed those. Ended up buying a pair of clearance boxers just cause.

Then went down to two shoe stores and looked at shoes. The first place had some REALLY cute shoes shoes, but I wanted sandles. Didn’t find any good ones. I think the ones at the spectrum are going to be the best bet. Though I’d like to not spend $60 on sandles.

From there I finally made it down to Wal-Mart where I forgot everything I wanted to buy, except for one thing. So that sucked ass. I did get that one thing, Gel. Because I’ve been needing it for a while.

I think I’m going to grow my hair out some more.

After that went home and sat around for a while. Then JonJon called and I went and met up with him at Starfucks. We sat around there all night with a bunch of his friends. All very random. One Military issue lesbo though, that was hilarious. And another that reminded me of Mandy, like an exact copy of her. That was amusing as well.

I had a good night though, We broke about 10:30ish cause it was very cold out, well cold enough that you wouldn’t want to be in shorts… Which I was. So we came back to my apartment and watched one episode of QaF then broke and I came to work.

I’ve had a pretty good night at work. I’ve done about 300 lines of code, which is good. And this stupid thing is almost done. Just need to get the freaking client edit part working.

Oh, JonJon and I talked a little last night too, and he said he didn’t want to get in the way of something with Andrew and I. I think he and I need to talk more about that, because I’m confused as to why he would think he would. I think tonight, if I see him, I’m going to pull him away and talk about it.

Also, he doesn’t give hugs when breaking. Need to get him in the habit of that…. Scary coming from me, eh?

Umm, and that’s it kids.

Laters all.

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