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So today has been pretty amusing so far.

Start with last night, talked with Andrew for a good while about random stuff. We’ve been having good convos lately and it’s good to talk to him again, I mean REALLY talk to him. I was still talking to him when JonJon (Apparently I’ve been corrected, he wishes to be refered to by JonJon) arrived, so I had to end our convo early.

Once jonjon got there, we went and looked at his new car. He got a freaking ’99 Cougar. The car I wanted so badly when I was looking at my second car. The whore. And it’s sexy ass red with leather interior. It’s really nice.

After that we watched Simpsons, Good Eats then “The day the world stood still” which was a really good movie. After that we went out with his friends at Starbucks. They all made fun of me for my ethical convictions to not drink there. But I had a really good time hanging out with his friends. I’m very glad that I’ve made nice with him so far. 🙂

I can’t wait for Andrew to come back so that we can all hang out, it’ll be fun.

After that came to work and programmed all night. 400+ lines of code. Which is pretty good for me. Mostly it’s all selects and inserts. I now have the major functions of it done. You can Add/Edit/Delete users/tasks/projects and you can add your hours into the system now.

All I have to do now is get it to edit the user hours. Blah! Then it’s should be all done.

Then about 3am someone Imed me, who is working on the new and I helped them with the php coding of that. So next time you use the peeps search function, know that I helped with it. 😀

Laters all.

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