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Great Weekend, Considering.

Well, I really wanted to be online updating about the weekend and how great it was. I also had a lot of other things that I wanted to do, and I wanted to chat with Jon about the great Convo that Andrew and I had tonight, and I wanted to look up some information and do all kinds of random shit before I sat down and started working. But of course, now that’s not going to work. Why you ask? Because the internet here isn’t working. Grrr.

So instead, I get to write about it and then post the update later. Which means that this will probably be a pretty long update, no?

Alright. First off, it’s UNGODLY hot in this office, it’s hotter then 88 degrees, because that’s as hot as the fucking thermostat goes. And I’m sweating to death and it’s really really really really hot in here. I hate this, I hope they get something done soon, because I’m sick of being stuck in this office with the fucking heat so hot. Grr.

Ok, well Friday was really fun. Well, ok the whole weekend was tons of fun really! Anyways, Friday after I woke up, Jon came over and we had a good time, we hung around the apartment and then went out and bought food for dinner. We ended up spending $60 on everything, and since he was going to cook, I figured just splitting it in half would be fine, but he insisted on paying for it all. So who am I to force him to keep his money. So we did that, then came home and cooked dinner. It was really good. Pasta and chicken… Yummy! There’s still some in the fridge which I’m thinking about having for breakfast tomorrow.

After dinner we all got a little tipsy, Chris and Ty only had one hard lemonade each, cause they had to work the next morning, Jon had like 4 or 5 drinks and I had the most by far. But it was so yummy and I needed it to take off the pain. 🙁

Ok, not really to take off the pain, cause that’s a bad reason to drink. But we drank to have a good time, and we all did. Ty and Chris went to bed shortly after that and Jon and I stayed up tell I think like 5 or so watching QaF and just talking about random shit. I think we spent more time talking then we did watching QaF, but who cares. He’s a really cool guy and if I wasn’t so in love with Andrew and hoping so much that things will work out with him, I think I’d probably be going after Jon as more then just a friend.

Anyways, after I took him home I came home and crashed for the rest of the day Saturday… Woke up late saturday afternoon and hung around the apartment for a while. After Jon got off work we headed up to the Irvine Spectrum. Which was tons of fun. We got my car valet parked. Yay! And he paid for that as well. The little whore. lol. Anyways, we walked around there talking and making fun of the stupid people. There was lots to do there, but not anything to do. All at the same time. Kinda crazy, no? I did want to go to Cheesecake factory and to Coldstone, but he vetoed both of those ideas. I also found a pair of Doc Marten sandals for $60 that I think I’m going to buy. Cause after my walk today the ones that I have are REALLy starting to fall apart.

While there Jon and I also went to Hot Topic and I complained about how I really like all the shirts there, but that they just don’t fit who I am and stuff. He said, ‘So then just change who you are.’ And I was like, ‘I can’t just change myself.’

And really it’s true, I feel as though I’ve been the same little boy forever, the same boy who’s never done anything really. I haven’t had sex outside of a long term relationship. I’ve hardly made out with someone outside of a long term. I don’t drink. I’ve only done drugs once, and I’ve always worn the same type of clothing, and done the same basic things every day of my life. It’s really starting to get boring and I want to shake it up a bit. I just don’t know how. In a way, I’m kinda hoping that Jon is a way to do that, he’s someone so different then me, someone I never would have hung out with back home, someone who’s already done so much with his life. Maybe in some weird way he can help me change my life.

Anyways, the point of this story is that we went into Hot Topic and he bought these REALLY cute pink star plugs. So cute! lol

Well after we left Spectrum we went back to my place and hung out and watched QaF again for the whole night and talked a ton about random things and about Andrew and our relationship and about Old Navy and the crazy things they do there. 🙂

He was there tell like 6ish or so when I took him home. I’m really glad also that he can stay up all freaking night. Cause otherwise my weekend nights would be insanely boring!

After I took him home, I came home and slept all day. Got up about 5ish and showered then took a walk. I walked all the way down to Wal-Mart again. Which is seeming to start to be my normal walking pattern. Perhaps I’ll start walking it every night or so. Just to get out and do something before working all night. About half way there Andrew called me and we had a really really GREAT 1.5 hour long talk.

We just talked about all kinds of random things and stuff, and it was so great to talk to him like that again. Just the randomness and the important stuff and everything in between. It really made me miss him so much more. It truly was a great talk.

After we were done talking I just sat around with the roomies and talked. Ty gave the kittens a bath and Chris and I both said that he shouldn’t. Then I looked it up online and found some very reputable sites that all said the ONLY time you should bathe your cat is if they are matted and just plain filthy. Ty didn’t believe the websites so Chris is going to call a Doctor and have him explain to Ty that you DO NOT BATHE CATS! He’s so stupid sometimes, and then when you show him TWO places that contradict him, along with TWO PEOPLE who have had more cats then he does and yet he STILL DOESN’T GET IT!

Also I went and got the new parking pass today cause he obviously wasn’t going to do it.

Spent the rest of the night hanging out with the roomies.

Andrew called me about 10:30 or so, and we talked some more. He said he wasn’t sure if he had done the right thing and what-not. We talked about it and both said that it’d be best if we just wait it out and see how things are still working out come August. I feel that things will still be great and we will get together again. And hopefully he feels the same way.

So all in all, I had a GREAT weekend. I had a great time hanging out with my new friend Jon and had a great conversation with Andrew. I couldn’t be in a better posistion.

Laters all.

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