First Phone Call!

Woot, I got my first phone call yesterday at work. About 3:30 AM someone called in complaning about a randly re-generating task. It multiplied like bunnies overnight. I think it had to do with a database upgrade, but I had to t3 it. No word back yet though, which is fairly annoying.

Also UK site went down yesterday about 7:00, that was a bit of a hectic hour there.

Things with the job though have been going pretty good. I’m getting used to this whole working over night thing. Though this week I have been drinking one thing of Red Bull a night. lol. Hopefully I can get into the habit so that I DON’T need that anymore, because that shit is expensive!

Mike is still annoying the hell out of me though. He’s so slow and he constantly moves back and forth between like 100 things, but never actually FINISHES any one thing. It gets to be really annoying. Another thing is that he reads and re-reads everything like 10 times before doing anything, And he’s very slow moving.

There havae been some problems in the e-mail since Thursday which he has YET to handle. And you can’t tell me that they’ve been getting so many phone calls that they don’t have time for it. I’d really like to know what he does all freakin day.

Like yesterday they got 12 calls in total.. That’s from Midnight to 7pm. I personally took 5 of those calls and got them all logged, and reported/fixed. Along with creating the categories for each one in the e-mail system and doing a few other things with them. Mike on the other hand it appears stopped reading the e-mails coming in after about 11. Because when I came in tonight not a single e-mail after 11am was marked as delt with.

So I did what I could with them, which isn’t much. But there were a TON that just needed to be marked as read and completed. It takes literaly 10 seconds, so I don’t see why he couldn’t have dealt with them. It’s just very annoying to come in and see all these tickets that just sit there for DAYS before anyone deals with them. In the morning when we’re working together, I just want to scream at him and be like, “JUST WORK FASTER” because he’s SO SLOW! Grrr. I honestly feel that I could do his job better then he can. Even after only being here for a week.

Speaking of doing jobs, Barb from Krell e-mailed me yesterday. Among saying other things she said that they at Krell, “Miss you”. I thought it was insanly nice, and it really made me feel good about things. And honestly, I do miss the people of Krell as well, even though I complained about my job a lot while I was working there, I did really enjoy it and I really liked working with everyone there.

The last couple days with the roomie have been pretty good. Though he’s been getting on my nerves a bit about a few things, the main one is that he NEVER SHUTS UP. Like, it’s nice that he talks to me and everything and we have fun, but sometimes I just want him to shut up because I just want to sit and watch TV or something like that. It just gets a bit annoying after a while.

Also he’s one of those people that is CONSTANTLY making things up, and thinks that he KNOWS EVERYTHING. Like yesterday he told me that his grandpa got $10,000 cash back from his Costco Club card last year. Now, I don’t know exactly how much you get back for that, but I’d be surprised if you get 5% back, which to get $10,000 you’d have to spend $200,000. That seems like a HELL of a lot of money to spend at a warehouse club. But whatever, I usually just take everything he says with a grain of salt, and Chris and I enjoy making fun of him for it. 🙂

Lets see, not much else going on around here… Jon is getting me my first real project tomorrow morning. I guess he’ll probably bring it in with him at 7 when he comes in, so I still won’t really have anything to do tell Friday morning. It seems like I’ll have to do a lot of learning to be able to get it done, but my goal is to have that project done within 2-3 days. I think that’s doable.

Nothing else to report that I can think of right now, so I’ll talk to everyone laters….

Laters all.

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