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2 Days! 2 Tests!

Hey y’all!

I know it’s been a couple days since I’ve updated… But it’s been a LONG ASS couple of days.

Mondays I had classes and stuff, nothing to important. Then I had to go to my second job for training, which was hellish. The lady that was doing it talked SO FUCKING SLOW! Arg, it was annoying as hell. Then she made me change my avaliabilty because I had changed it from the time I applied. And I was like, “Hoe, I had no idea that things would change as much as they have… I applied here over a month and a half ago!” And she was like, “Well we only want you for the times you’re taking off.” So I had to to change things. I was really annoyed and if she constantly schedules me for those times, I’m outta there.

Anyways, the girls I was training with were all stupid and talking about prom. One of them goes to Lincoln, HS. One of them’s not even old enough to go to prom yet. Arg!

The other one was all proud that she got job offers from Claires and Bath & Body and then Walgreens the next day… In other words they were all losers.

They couldn’t even pronounce some of the easiest words there were. And by the end of Tuesday everytime they said soemthing WRONG which the lady wouldn’t correct, I corrected them instead. I was sick of it.

Though I think that once I actually start to work, it won’t be that bad. Plus it’s a sweet ass discount.

I did get a job offer yesterday though, with someone I haven’t even freaking interviewed with yet. So that was kinda random. It’s a sales job in LA though selling Backup solutions to companies. They said they needed someone immeditatly, so I doubt I’ll be doing it, but still.

Yum’s not been working right on my Mandrake box and it’s fairly annoying.

Yum’s been working GREAT on the fedora core boxes, so that’s happy!

Other then that not much else going on. I’ve got class today and tomorrow and then I’m done forever… After 1PM today, I’ll be done with lectures forever!

I’m really excited and sooooo scared all at the same time.

I had a horrible dream last night about me and Andrew. And randomly Dustin Miller was in it.

OH! The training videos for the job, like ALL the guys in them were horribly flaming homosexuals. It was bad!

Laters all.

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