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Alright, y’all.

If I don’t update for a while, here’s why…

Last night, I was out tell midnight working with a group project. Very annoying. We met at 8, I was there at 7 cause I had to take the bus. Omar and I could have had our parts done by 10, and indeed I had mine done long before that. But Joe, was out wondering around and talknig with people and playing with his music more then he was working. Thus holding us there tell midnight. Then I ran out to catch the LAST BUS and as I was getting to the end of the sidewalk in front of design, it pulled away from the stop. So I had to run back inside, have joe call Omar and he had to come back and pick me up. It was hellish. And now I’m extremely tired.

Today we had a MGMT test, which I haven’t had timet o study for because of the group meetings last night and other projects that I was working on. Thankfully though, I have read the case study.

Tonight at 6, I have another group meeting which will probably again last tell 10 or later.

Then next week we have another group meeting on Tuesday to do the presentation which is due on Thursday.

And I also have another project to do by Monday cause our group is getting together that day to do it at 3:30. Very annoying

This last week has been hell and I just want to go back to Cali and sleep with my baby.

I’m also very frustrated because Byron hasn’t IMed me back about any of the living arrangements for next semster. I really want to know. Grrr.

Anyways, Laters all… I have to get back to work now.

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