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Spearding Rumors

Well this is going to be a bit of a short update, because I just don’t have the time to write a really long one like I had planned.

This weekend has sure had it’s ups and downs that’s for sure. Andrew and I have been fighting for a while about lots of random shit and thankfully I think we got it all taken care of this weekend. So everything seems to be good again. 🙂

Friday night Jayson came up and we hung out and watched movies. We also talked about his sex life, and stuff and I know that he was lying about a few things. Now I’m a bit scared that he might go and spread rumors that we did something. Whatever though, I’m only going to be here a few more months (158 Days).

Oh, speaking of counting down… There’s LESS THEN 20 DAYS TO MY TRIP TO MERIDA!!! YAY!

Spent Saturday and Sunday at home, reading. Though I did go to the mall and buy some underwear and a new t-shirt, and also took my jacket in to be fitted. So that was exciting. I kinda wanted to go out saturday night, but not really all at the same time. So I didn’t make any ambitious effort to call anyone. So I just stayed home and watched movies and the like. We had HBO/etc for the weekend. Good times!

Sunday I went and picked up the PU’s from the airport. And then came back to my place late last night.

Now I’m at work.

Lates all.

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