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Going Out

So I ended up going out last night. It really wasn’t as much fun as the first time. Mostly because Justin was making out with his boy the whole night and I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

I spent most of the night watching the boys and wishing that Andrew could have been there with me so that we could sit there together and watch them and make fun of the stupid drunk people.

I guess he spent the night being hurt by something that I said. I feel bad that I said it. But I thought that it might make him see that I care for him. I know if he said that to me, it would have shown me that he’s making an effort not to endanger our relationship my accidentially doing something stupid.

I got home about 5ish and went to bed. The PU’s woke me about 9ish, I’ve been up since and am very tired.

I drove to the Drag show, but decided not to go, saw Justin as I was leaving and told him. I was on the phone with Andrew talking about why he was hurt.

The whole thing didn’t go so well and I still feel very bad about it all. I didn’t mean for it to hurt him and add to his bad night.

I really just wish he could be here so that I could hold him and kiss him and tell him how much I love him, and how much I miss him.

I hope that he gets my package tomorrow. That should cheer him up some. I think there’s a nice surprise in there. 🙂

Laters all.

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